We have unmatched experience and expertise working with top-designers and builders on many of LA’s newest and most exclusive multi-unit addresses including one of our latest The Hollywood by Kanner Architects, The Superior at Venice, also Kanner Architects and  801 North designed by Reed Architectural Group and built by Frost-Chaddock Developers, which leased all 98 luxury apartment-homes in less than 10 weeks from July-Sept of 2008!

At Pedini LA, we are absolutely dedicated to tailoring your new Multi-Unit community to the specific needs of your design specifications, construction budget and schedule and we will work side-by-side with our Italian manufacturers to deliver your Cabinets on time and without delays.

Our company offers designer Italian kitchens at prices that developers and builders can justify in today’s current market knowing that they will see a demonstrated return on their investment.

  1. We can bid projects as a package of kitchens-baths-closets to make it more financially attractive as well as offer better time management in dealing with one vendor instead of several.
  2. We offer the convenience of two local showrooms with styles and finishes ranging from Modern–Transitional offering us and you incredible pricing flexibility and selection.
  3. We are dedicated to offering designer cabinets at very competitive price-points and we are happy to work off of the interior architect’s drawings as well as making important visits to the job-site for measurements, photos and coordination.
  4. Recently launched MAGIKA, our pioneering new kitchen line with extremely cost-effective finishes and shorter production times.  The perfect solution for multi-unit apartment home or condo projects.

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