Made in Italy

Pedini Spa
Via Aspio, 8/10
61030 Lucrezia di Cartoceto (PU) Italy

For more than fifty years, since 1957, Pedini has been globally renowned as one of Italy’s best style-exports on a par with Gucci, Armani, Lamborghini and Alessi – and one of the first companies to produce the modular kitchen. Over the last five decades, Pedini has evolved from using hand-made craftsmanship to state-of-the-art technology and materials, keeping perfectly in tune with our evolving modern lifestyles. Italian design is world-renown for its chic beauty and superb functionality – Pedini designs exhibit these characteristics in abundance.

Pedini’s head office and factory is located in the Marche region of central Italy, in close proximity to the Adriatic Sea, an area steeped in history and culture and naturally blessed with good climate, rich soil and beautiful landscapes – all great excuses to visit the factory. The pioneering facility is at the heart of the local area’s industrial centre and houses all of the companies various departments including manufacturing and an impressive new brand showroom. The state-of-the-art complex is a testament to Pedini’s unwavering commitment to continuous development and a search for tomorrow’s ultimate solutions today.

Under owner Daniele Radi Temelini’s stewardship, Pedini continues to invest heavily in pioneering research and development programs, the embracement of new machinery and technology and the adoption of new working practices and materials, resulting in a superb product of the highest quality. The company constantly experiments with a range of new and innovative materials and is known for the flair and creativity that it brings to the industry, interpreting what the luxury segment demands. The style and bold design that began in 1957, still exists today.

All Pedini products are internationally certified to the highest standards – earned by adopting modern practices, environmentally friendly products, non-toxic glues and varnishes and other ecology friendly materials. The result is a product that is completely recyclable. Every kitchen has an industry-leading “7-years of Serenity” guarantee which becomes effective from delivery. This warranty confirms that in the unlikely event of defects occurring, Pedini will offer assistance and free substitution of these parts.

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