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The kitchen area is intended as a perfect balance between form and function. The fulcrum of Pedini furnishings and the heart of the home, the kitchen is the undisputed star of all the collections, for its minimal design and functional performance, moving away from the more traditional concept of a kitchenette.


Cucina Arkè is the meeting point between design and practicality, the perfect expression of sharing.

Arkè develops as a single large space in the heart of the house, a kitchen spread over several heights and shelves.


Arkè Shape is spread over several levels and support surfaces that are perfectly integrated with each other , both in terms of shapes and in the choice of colours, becoming the perfect meeting place for sharing everyday life.


Aroma kitchen, eclectic in shape, blends in a sophisticated way with the surrounding environment. Aroma represents the kitchen that emphasizes the housing architecture thanks to pure and monochromatic volumes capable of concealing the large multifunctional areas with refinement.


Materika is the made in Italy design kitchen, which combines functional needs with the pleasures of good food. Materika stands out for its particular inclined cut, which can be applied to the island and to the wall unit doors, capable of transforming the kitchen into a jewel of design furnishings. Available in different made in Italy materials, with numerous chromatic nuances.


The Moka kitchen, with rigorous lines, gives design to the environment thanks to the use of noble materials and precise color combinations.

Moka is a kitchen designed as a single element, where plays of thickness delimit the functional areas. The natural materials interrupt the formal continuity, emphasizing the volumes and the modern made in Italy design.

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